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Using a master password in Firefox

Using a master password in Firefox

I recently changed my wordpress password.  I chose a very long password and saved it in a discreet place on my computer.  I logged out of WordPress, and quit Firefox.  Then, I restarted Firefox, went to wordpres, entered my username; the “password” field had my old, shorter password, judging by the number of ‘*’s.  So I copied and pasted the new password.  Firefox asked “Replace saved password?” and I clicked Yes.  So my WordPress password is now very hard to guess.  I use the master password feature a lot in Firefox.  This password is kept somewhere on my computer.  It is not super-hard, because I want to remember it.  But it is only on my computer, which in practice I’m the only one to use. I suggest taking a look at Master Password if you use Firefox.


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April 16, 2013 at 8:38 pm

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