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GPU cluster password cracking

GPU cluster password cracking

Quoting from the article linked to above:

“Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology used a cluster of graphics cards and brute force attacks to penetrate an eight-character long password string, in just two hours.”

They assume 95 characters possible for 1st character, 2nd charcter and so on.

I find that their cracking ability was about one trillion passwords tested per second:

 = 110.57 minutes.

based on a string of 8 characters, each chosen from
the 95 “standard” printable ASCII chracaters.

In unambiguous language, one million million passwords
tested per second using an array of graphical processor
units (GPUs).

The Georgia Tech researchers recommend 12 character
long passwords, as their machine would take
about 17000 years to crack a random one.




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March 9, 2013 at 5:01 pm

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