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initrd problems

Fedora-related GNU/Linux systems installed on disks often have an initial boot environment where the real filesystem isn’t mounted, because the root filesystem isn’t yet known…  So, a temporary “virtual” filesystem like somesuch initramfs is created by fiat on an emulation of a hard disk based in random access memory, more commonly known as a “RAM disk” …  Then, when the road ahead is clear and the kernel and init RAM filesystem know all they need to know about the /real/, /actual/ root filesystem, the RAM disk and the init RAM filesystem disappear in a smokeless puff, the system pivots to the /real/ root filesystem, and booting continues.  This is not a joke.

Perhaps a sign of the intricacies involved in gettig things just right is the large number of search hits for:

dracut Warning: No root device



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January 24, 2013 at 1:09 am

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