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discussion at LWN on Fedora and LVM

discussion at LWN on Fedora and LVM

According to the article at LWN, there was a debate going on between Fedora developpers on whether or not to continue having LVM-On as default in the installer for Fedora 18.  The article by a pro-LVM-by-default developer appeared October 31, 2012.

LWN is a “high-profile” Linux newslestter/news-site.  As such, it attracts a number of informed readers, I think.  What’s of particular value to me is the pros and cons debated in the article and the multiple comments.

Having had problems with a /dev/sda2 partition that was home to my home directory, and an lvm2 thingy, and not being able to mount it apparently because initrd and/or initramfs and/or linux kernel don’t work together, producing an unbootable system, I just started to wonder about the suitability of LVM for simple disk/partition layouts.

I *strongly* recommend taking a look at the LWN article and comments linked to above.


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