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A study on modern conservatism and the US South

A study on modern conservatism and the US South

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, so it always seemed strange to me that the Red States tended to vote Republican.  Of course, there was Reconstruction after the US Civil War.

In his book on political science that also touches on the Dixiecrats (Southern voters that were disenchanted with the Democrat Party in the era of Civil Rights and de-segregationism), Joseph E. Lowndes (the author of the book published by Yale University Press) covers a lot of complex material, unfamiliar to Canadians like me.

Judging from the References and from browsing the text on the Governor Wallace supporters, it seems to me at first glance to be a helpful and useful contribution to understanding of the Southern vote in the 1960’s and afterwards.



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January 2, 2013 at 7:03 pm

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