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alleged message from ET is 9 years old

alleged message from ET is 9 years old

One of the first places it appeared was in the Usenet group alt.alien.research .  Someone posted a message allegedly from Jean Ederman where he allegedly writes in part:

“Among the many types of phenomena that have manifested during the last two years, for example when I received a message on the tri-dimensional nature of time, while a UFO was hanging over my house and had ‘announced’ its presence by a terrific noise, and then when an enormous triangular craft flew over my house when I was in the process of moving, followed by an aerial battle of lights lasting 25 minutes, and also multiple apparitions of celestial lights and ethereal creatures in my house, and finally, after having learned how to mentally project myself to a place in the presence of benevolent extraterrestrials, I received the following message on behalf of their hierarchy.”

Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 01:07:17 GMT



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