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Google e-Book on FBI files, UFO phenomena, 1947-1952 approximately

Over at Google Books, at the link:

ISBN = 16207 90114 (10 digits)

xxx Now, valid ISBNs have error-detecting capability; see e.g.:

// first 9 of 10 digits in ISBN-10 code

check digit = 4
calculator at:

For: 162079011, the calculator says
Check Digit: 4

So, “1620790114” checks as Ok.

In addition, the calculator computes this
as 13-digit ISBN corresponding to
the 10-digit “1620790114”:
9781620790113 as ISBN-13 (under “converter”)
“978162079011” –> check digit = 3 (Ok).
according once again to:

So, an ISBN-10 of “1620790114” is valid.
Wikipedia on ISBN numbers:

ISBN: 9781620790113 was found at Australian
on-line bookstore:

I got a Google account to buy the e-book.
It works.  Also, Cherry Hill Publishing,
the Publisher, provides an Audiobook for free
as a zipped folder of 8 mp3 audio files.
In Linux, i put these in a Totem play list.
The voice is good.  These docs. were redacted,
for example, “Lieutenant Colonel [BLANK]”
but  dates and times are good.

So, it’s an easy listen as Totem playlist.
Also, about $3.10

added 4am:

is URL for Google e-book.


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