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Times Higher Education – Masters or slaves of their time?

16 January 2004 by Huw Richards.


Quoting Huw Richards:

“Similarly A. J. P. Taylor may famously have written (1950) that “The history of modern Europe can be written in terms of three Titans: Napoleon, Bismarck and Lenin”, but he also quoted approvingly Bismarck’s dictum: “Man cannot create the current of events. He can only float with it and steer.””



The article looks at important explanations in history.

One tendancy is to focus on charismatic or significant leaders, e.g. Napoleon.

Another tendancy is to look at currents of opinion,

the Great Many, or in French, as said by Jules Michelet,

l’acteur principal est le peuple “.


So, I’ll add a link to Huw Richards’ article.




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