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Statute of Bankrupts (Henry VIII, 1542)

According to Wikipedia, the Statute of Bankrupts was the first English law relating to bankuptcy: .

It has the enigmatic notation 34 & 35 Henry VIII, c. 4 .

The 34, 35 designate the Regnal year of Henry VIII.  A parliamentary session started in early 1542.  Henry’s 34 Regnal year: “The 34 regnal year for Henry VIII is 22 April 1542 to the 21 April 1543” (source below). According to my source, the parliamentary session extended into 1544.  There’s a convention (for those times?) of assuming that enactement of all laws was done in one day (Cheney convention).  Then, following this convention, the regnal year was 34 Henry VIII.

The series of books: “Statutes of the Realm” was published ca. 1810-1825 in several volumes:

Source for the Cheney convention: Blog named The Bankruptcy Blog, for 1 March 2010; and link:


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