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Cambodia secret bombing, Khmer Rouge, genocides

It’s quite well known that there was a secret arial bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam war.  The justification given was that comunist forces were camped-out in neutral Cambodia.  According to the Walrus, the US Air Force dropped about 2.7 million tons of ordnance on Cambodia from 1965 to 1973:


For the politics in Cambodia, it’s quite complicated and I offer Vietnam a Television History Episode 8 at

Youtube: .

There is now a field called “genocide studies”.  The Khmer rouge led by Pol Pot (a communist or self-declared communist) led a group that killed about 2 million Cambodians 1975-1979, until Vietnam invaded.

Ben Kiernan is an Australian-born historian with Asia and South-East Asia as a focus of interest.  He was interviewed in 2010 on the site:  “New Books in History” about his book: “Blood and Soil: A World History of Genocide and Extermination from Sparta to Darfur”.  The interview can be accessed as audio via the web-site.  I retain that there’s commonly an us vs. them mentality, with the “us” judged superior to “them” by “us”, and that genocidal movements are often led by a relatively small group of “co-conspirators” who influence or induce others to follow them.

Interview of Ben Kiernan by (unknown historian):



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